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Mattresses are designed to work with a specific foundation (box spring) to provide you with the best support. Using an older foundation (box spring) with a new mattress can cause abnormal wear on the mattress and could possibly void the mattress warranty.

No. Mattress 1st constructs mattresses with a "no flip" design.

While not mandatory, you can rotate your mattress every three months to ensure even wear.

You can talk to your Mattress 1st dealer about a low profile foundation. If you are only using a steel bed frame, you can purchase a low profile steel bed frame. Use the Store Locator to find the closest reatil location.

Most mattresses need replacing, on average, after eight to ten years. The original quality of the mattress set, the amount of use and the weight of the sleeper(s) are among the factors that impact the length of time a mattress can sustain comfort and support. A mattress warranty should not be used as an indicator of how long a mattress will provide you with a good night's rest. Our bodies change over time and the quality of the comfort and support a mattress provides should be evaluated every few years as a result.

Sleepers do not come in direct contact with the latex in a latex mattress. The latex mattress is encased in ticking (fabric) and when used with a mattress protector and sheets, the sleeper will not touch the latex directly. If you have a latex allergy or sensitivity please consult your physician before using a latex mattress or any latex products.

Mattress protectors are designed to protect your mattress from wear and stains. Your mattress' warranty will be voided if you fail to use a mattress protector. Stains, burns and/or soiling will void any and all warranties.

Body impressions are the compression of the fiber and foam comfort layers of a mattress as a result of use. It is normal for a mattress to develop a body impression less than 2" deep.

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